Unit 10 - Review

Exercise 1 Read the short extract from the text and fill the gaps using the words in the box.

#1. Words

#2. Many teens use mobile devices to go online: 88% have access to a ________ phone,

#3. 73% to a ________.

#4. Just 12% of teens have no cell phone of any type. Facebook is the most popular social media ________ among teens:

#5. 71% of teens use more than one social ________ site.

#6. Girls love Instagram or Snapchat, boys seem to prefer video games. 90% of teens with phones exchange ________, with 30 texts being sent and received daily by a typical teen.

#7. An online safety research report by Cox Communications and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (2014) says that: Teens spend as much time ________ each day as they spend in the classroom (nearly six hours). 83% log on to at least one social media site every day.

#8. 73% have posted ________ or videos of themselves, friends or family members.

#9. More than one in five teenagers admits posting questionable online ________, such as swear words (21%).

The End