Unit 4 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1 Fill in the blanks with a correct form of Past Continuous.

#1. Alim hurt herself while he _______ (skate).

#2. I met my neighbor at the next door while I _______ (walk) home from work.

#3. Salima saw a friend while she _______ (ride) her bicycle along Amir Temur St.

#4. Pariza fell asleep while she ________(study).

#5. Bobur stepped on Jamila’s feet while they _______ (dance) together.

#6. He cut himself while he _______ (shave).

#7. Mr. Bahrams burned themselves while they ________ (bake) cookies.

#8. Temur had a nightmare while he ________ (sleep) at a friend’s house.

#9. He _______ (talk) with Marina, when Mrs. Salimova came in.

#10. The customer ______ (pay) his cheque at the market when he dropped his credit card.