Unit 5 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1 Write a suitable sentence using the Present Perfect tense.

#1. Amir’s shirt was dirty. Now it’s clean. (wash)

#2. Tursinbek was 80 kg. Now he’s 70. (lose weight)

#3. Bahadir played football yesterday. Now he can’t walk; his leg is in plaster. (break)

#4. My brother is looking for her pencil case. (lose)

#5. Mafruza is on holiday in France. (go)

#6. Mr. Hakim was in Switzerland last week. He’s back in London now. (be)

#7. Look! Mrs. Aysultan has got a lot of packages. (buy)

#8. I can’t eat anything now. (eat too much)

#9. Mrs. Japparova is very tired. (clean / house)

#10. Tumaris needs a holiday. (work / hard / this year)