Unit 8 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1 Use the words in parentheses to complete the sentences. Use the past perfect tense. Add “not” where necessary.

#1. Ikram ______ (be) a rock climber before the age of twelve.

#2. Dastan ______ (climb) free solo until he moved to California.

#3. By 1989, he ______ (become) bored with climbing.

#4. In 1989, Damir ______ (appear) in the Masters of Stone videos yet.

#5. Anvar hunter didn’t start his book about Dastan until he ______ (meet) him.

#6. When Dastan died, Anvar hunter ______ (finish) the book yet.

#7. Before his death, Damir ______ (already / travel) around the world.

#8. My father ______ (complete) a jump of almost 1000 feet not long before his fatal jump.

#9. Alima was excited because she ______ (go) mountain biking alone before.

#10. We didn’t recognize her because she _______ (change) her hairstyle and dressing style.