Unit 9 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1 Read this copy of the original story. Fill in the blanks with the past perfect continuous form of each verb in parentheses.

#1. Donald and Elizabeth ____________________ (drive) to church before they stopped.

#2. They ____________________ (drive) down a dirt road when they heard a strange noise. Donald stopped the car. He got out of the car. Then, he helped Elizabeth out of the car. Elizabeth sat and waited for Donald. Donald looked at the car.

#3. It ____________________ (go) for an hour or so. He knew how to fix cars.

#4. He ____________________ (work) as a mechanic for 5 years before he moved to the country. Donald got his tools. He looked under the hood.

#5. It seemed that the engine ____________________ (heat) up. He crawled under the car.

#6. Donald ____________________ (work) on the car for a while when Jake parked beside him.

#7. Jake ____________________ (drive) home when he saw Donald and Elizabeth on the side of the road.

#8. Jake _________________ (help) Donald fix the car.

#9. Donald __________________ (thank) Jake for his help before he got prepared.

#10. Elizabeth _______________ (wave) to Jake before they drove away. Thanks to Jake’s help, they arrived at church on time.