Unit 10 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 2 Read and rewrite the story using contractions.

#1. This weekend, Elmira __________ compete in a tennis tournament.

#2. She ________ practice hard all week because she wants to win the tournament.

#3. The winner _________ receive $2,000.

#4. Elmira hopes she ________ get first place!

#5. Elmira’s husband _________ travel to the tournament with Elmira.

#6. He _______ watch her compete.

#7. He ________ sit in the stands and cheer for Elmira.

#8. He _______ be proud of Elmira even if she doesn’t win first place.

#9. Elmira’s parents aren’t ______ travel to the tournament.

#10. They _______ cheer for Elmira at home. They’re going to be proud of Elmira whether she wins or loses.