Unit 10 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 3 Underline the correct option(s). There may be more than one correct option. Click on the appropriate options to underline them.

#1. Whenever she ___ the chance she likes to visit the gym.

#2. When you go to the shops this afternoon, ___ you get some potatoes?

#3. While you’re ___ the pasta, I’ll prepare the salad.

#4. You’d better get dressed before your gran ____.

#5. After I’ve ___ this, I’ll give you a hand with the housework.

#6. We won’t be able to do anything until Dad ____ back from work.

#7. You can go out as soon as you ____ your homework.

#8. We ____ some of these biscuits in case we get hungry on the way.

#9. Unless she ____ here soon, we’ll have to leave without her.

#10. As long as ____ all your exams, we’ll give you a new computer.