Unit 3 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1 Fill in the blanks with the Simple Past tense of the verbs in brackets as shown in the sentence

#1. Last Saturday my father took my friends and me to the circus in the city centre. We ______(see) lots of things.

#2. My father ________ (buy) us some popcorn and orange juice.

#3. We ______(eat) the popcorn and

#4. ______(drink) the orange juice.

#5. We ______(laugh) at the funny clowns.

#6. There _____(be) some lion-tamers.

#7. The lions _____(do) tricks;

#8. they _____(jump) through hoops.

#9. A girl ______(ride) an elephant around the ring.

#10. We all _____(have) a wonderful time together on that day.