Unit 6 - Review

Exercise 3 Choose the correct answer.

#1. This car is very ____ as it goes so far on one thank of petrol.

#2. I can’t believe how cheap these shorts were. They were a real _____!

#3. What ______ of car does your mum drive?

#4. Could you tell me who’s in ___ here please.

#5. I paid assistant and took the books but then stupidly left the bookshop without waiting for my ______ .

#6. I think she ____ her fortune in the shipping industry.

#7. I didn’t find a new but at ____ I got some new jeans at the ______.

#8. The shop assistant finally agreed to give me a full _______.

#9. Bayram asked me why I hadn’t invited him to go _______with me.

#10. Elmira asked Saltanat if she wanted to look at the new ________.