Unit 10 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1 Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs: when, before, after, as soon as, until.

#1. When the rector __________ (arrive), they __________ (start) the meeting.

#2. If he ________ (reach) the sales target this year, the company _________ (award) him.

#3. We _________ (discuss) the plans after he ________ (give) the presentation.

#4. After she _________ (find) a good job, she__________ (be able to) buy a house.

#5. I _________ (have to) finish the reports before the manager __________ (call).

#6. We _________ (order) 100 units after the manager _________ (approve) the estimate.

#7. I _________ (not/ buy) anything new until I __________ (pay) all my debts.

#8. I _________ (buy) a new TV set if the prices _________ (go) down.

#9. Before you __________ (accept) the job offer, you _______ (need) to be confident that the company is a good place for you to work.

#10. Any rebates _________ (subtracte) after you _________ (negotiate) the price.