Vocabulary: Unit 6 (SHOPPING AND MONEY)

Topic vocabulary in contrast

Economic /economicaldiscound/offertill/checkout
receipt /billprice/costproducts/goods
make /brandchange/cashrefund/exchange

Word formation

Accept acceptance, accepting,(un)acceptable, (un)acceptablyExpense (in)expensive(ly), expensesPoor poorly, poverty
Assist assistance, assistantFinance financial(ly), financesReal unreal, really, realize, realisation, reality, realistic(ally)
Day daily, everydayInvest investment, investorVolue (in)valuable, (in)valuably, valueless, valuation
Economy economic, (un)economical(ly), economics,economistLuxuryluxuries,luxurious(ly)Wealth wealthy
End endless(ly), ending, unendingPay paid, payment, payable 

Shops and shopping

shop assistant: person who works in a shop; also called sales assistant shop window: the window at the front of the shop

shopping centre: a place with many shops, outside or indoors window shopping: to look round the shops but not buy anything shopping list: a list of things to buy