Grammar: Present Continuous Tense

Affirmative Subject + to be + base + ing She is talking.
Negative      Subject + to be + not + base + ing She is not (isn’t) talking.
Interrogative to be + subject + base + ing         Is she talking?


Senses / Perception to feel* to hear to see* to smell to taste   Measurement to contain to cost to hold to measure to weigh   Mental states to forget to imagine to know to mean to notice to recognise to remember to understand
Opinion to assume to believe to consider to doubt to feel (= to think) to find (= to consider) to suppose to think*   Emotions / desires to envy to dislike to hope to like to mind to prefer to regret to want to wish Others to look (=resemble) to seem to be (in most cases) to have (when it means to possess)*  

(See Appendix II)