Vocabulary: Unit 5 (LEISURE AND SPORT)

Topic vocabulary in contrast

umpire / referee                           final / finale / end / ending              draw / equal
Pitch / track / court / course / ring / rink   bat / stick / rod / racket                    Spectator / viewer                                         
sport / athleticsinterval / half timecompetitor /opponent
Win / beat / score                                           Play / game                                                  amateur / professional                     

Word formation

fortune misfortune, (un)fortunate(ly)   allow disallow, allowance, allowable  interest (un)interesting(ly)                    
medal medallist, medallionassociate dicassociate, assotiacion,     oppose opposition, opponent,
train retrain, trainerknow knowledge, (un)knowledgeable   opposite, opposingpractice practise, (im)practical(ly) competitive(ly)                                      
enjoy enjoyment, ejoyablecompete competetion, competitor,      maintain maintanance                         
equip equipment, equippedlose lost, loss                                        prefer to do(rather than (to) do); prefer sth (rather than smth)