Vocabulary: Unit 4 (HOME)

Places in the home

utility room:usually just for washing machine, freezer.
shed:small building separated from the house usually for storing garden tools
attic:room in the roof space of a house (could be lived in)
loft:space in the roof of a house usually used only for storage
cellar:room below ground level, no windows, used for storage
basement:room below ground level, windows, for living/working
landing:flat area at the top of a staircase
hall:open area as you come into a house
porch:covered area before an entrance-door
pantry or larder:large cupboard (usually big enough to walk into) for storing food
study:a room for reading/writing/studying in
terrace or patio:paved area between house and garden for sitting and eating

Types of house/places people live

detached house:not joined to any other house
semi-detached house (informal: semi-):joined to one other house
terraced house:joined to several houses to form a row
cottage:small house in the country or in a village
bungalow:house with only one storey (no upstairs)
bedsit:bedroom and living room all in one
villa:large house with big gardens or a rented house in a holiday resort/tourist area
time-share: holiday flat or house where you have the right to live one or two weeks a year

Tip: If you visit an English-speaking country, go to a supermarket and look at the names of ordinary, everyday things for the home. This is often a good way of getting vocabulary that just does not appear in dictionaries.