Unit 2 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the present continuous tense

#1. We ___ our break now, Mr. Murad. (TAKE)

#2. She ___ for Khodjeli later in the day (LEAVE)

#3. The car ___ oil. Islam, can you repair it? (LOSE)

#4. My brother ___ Namangan at the moment (TOUR)

#5. They ___ a game tug of war right now (HAVE)

#6. We ___ a national sarafan today because there’s a very special event in town. (WEAR) (NOT SELL)

#7. What ___ , sister? – It smells so good! (YOU BAKE)

#8. I ___ some money and I have cut expenses on my spending, because I want to travel to Dubai next summer. (CURRENTLY SAVE)

#9. The girl and her grandma ____ a long conversation. – I wonder what they ___ about. (HAVE, TALK)

#10. Rasul ___ to catch the same bus every morning, but, today he ___ . (TO BE LATE)