Unit 6 - Review

Exercise 1 Use present perfect tense or present perfect continuous to fill in the blanks.

#1. I ____ you for ages.

#2. ____ reading T.Qayipbergenov yet?

#3. ____ apples all afternoon, ever since they came from school.

#4. I ____ this journal now, so you can have it back.

#5. I _____ eight pages already.

#6. Temur, your exam paper is completely blank! What _____?

#7. Oh, no! There’s nothing to eat. My little sister ____ everything I left in the kitchen.

#8. Oh, no! There’s no red wine to drink. They ____ all the red wine.

#9. No wonder your eyes hurt. You ____ computer games ever since you had your dinner.

#10. I ____ a new pair of black shoes.