Unit 6 - Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 1 Choose the correct word.

#1. My grandfather made a ____ by investing at the right time.

#2. I think you’ll find that the Microcar is really very ____ to drive.

#3. I’m afraid we can only accept the return of the item if you still have the ______.

#4. If you show this coupon at the ______, you’ll receive a free gift.

#5. I’m not keen on Justin Timberlake so I’ll try to _____ this CD for one by Blue.

#6. The assistant called the manager when the note I gave her turned out to be ______.

#7. This unbeatable special _____ is only available until the end of the week, so hurry!

#8. Excuse me, but I don’t suppose you have ____ for a fifty, do you?

#9. I went back to the shop a week later, and the ____ had gone up by 50%!

#10. I’ll go and buy what we need and you sta_____ for dinner.