Unit 10 - Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 1 Both options make sense. Underline the one which forms a common collocation.

#1. They are bringing out Salamat’s book in a new ____ soon.

#2. We do not have the book in stock. It is out of _____.

#3. This report comes from our political ______, R. Elmuratov.

#4. The “Xaliq so’zi” has the highest ______ of any newspaper in Karakalpakstan.

#5. I do like “Channel Sport”s _____ of the big sporting events.

#6. Are newspapers subject to _____ in your country?

#7. Through market research the advertising company identified their _______ customer.

#8. They are very concerned with the image that the advert _____.

#9. At least 50 members of the ____ wrote in to complain about the ad.

#10. He sits there for hour after hour, staring _______ at the screen.