Unit 2 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 2 Complete the sentences below using one of the verbs in the box in the correct form. You may use each verb once only.

#1. I usually ________ basketball on Fridays (play)

#2. He ________ his report. He will bring it into the office when it is complete (finish)

#3. My parents have phoned me this morning. They_________ themselves in the countryside. Champagne every night! In fact, they don’t want to leave.” (enjoy)

#4. We ________ to entertain our guests in a local restaurant rather than the café situated near the city centre. Although it is expensive, we can talk freely there. (prefer)

#5. We ___________ the answer to your problem. Get a new computer. (know)

#6. “Where is John?” “In his office ____________ for an important telephone call.” (wait)

#7. I can’t make the conference tomorrow. I _____________ the applicants for the sales manager’s job. (interview)

#8. My brother Ilhom _____________ for Sayhun. which makes bathroom fittings (work)

#9. Who ___________ to Bahram? Is it the new secretary? (talk)

#10. The new contract of study ________________ fine to me. However, could you just check it through again? (seems)