Unit 4 - Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 1 Fill the gaps with a suitable word.

#1. I’ve got a darkroom in the ________ where I develop films. It’s perfect because there are no windows down there.

#2. Is there a ________ where I can plug in this radio?

#3. You’d better have a ________ under your drink in case you mark that side-table. It’s an antique.

#4. The waste-bin’s full again. I’ll empty it. Are there any more ________ ? Where are they?

#5. We keep our skis up in the ________ during the summer. They’re out of the way up there.

#6. You’ll find the garden-chairs in the ________ at the bottom of the garden. Bring them up and we’ll have a drink on the ________ and watch the sunset.

#7. The light-switch for the stairs is on the ________ as you come out of your bedroom.

#8. I’ve moved to a ________ now as I found I couldn’t manage the stairs any more at my age.

#9. I’ve made some research in the ________ room.

#10. I usually draw pictures in the ________ as I love the scenery.