Unit 9 - Review

Exercise 1 Complete the sentences with the words in parentheses. Use the past perfect continuous.

#1. By the time Sabina was 19, she ______ (hike) for several years.

#2. Two Karakalpak hikers ______ (follow) a difficult trail when they lost their way.

#3. The Danish hikers ______ (prepare) dinner when a bear approached their campsite.

#4. Two young hikers were getting ready to go home. They ______ (not camp) for very long when they lost interest.

#5. The rescue workers ______ (stay) at the park office before they moved into a house nearby the park.

#6. Yesterday, Azamat rescued a hiker who ______ (wait) for help for over 12 hours.

#7. Some hikers were worried. They ______ (head) back to the camp when they heard thunder, and they had to look for shelter.

#8. They ______ (not think) about the weather until the sky turned very dark.

#9. Marina ______ (ride) for several hours when she got a flat tire.

#10. She ______ (sleep) for long before she felt ready to get up and finish her ride.