Unit 2 - Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 1 Fill the gaps using the following words: while, age, era, period, spell, time. You can use some words twice.

#1. The director said that before the new law came into force there would be a ________ of six months when people could hand in firearms without being prosecuted.

#2. The twentieth century will be seen by historians as the ________ of the motor car.

#3. These factories mark the beginning of a new ________ of industrial development for the country.

#4. For a ________ I thought I would never find a job, but then I was lucky.

#5. We had a very cold ________ in January when all the pipes froze up.

#6. After the war, a new ________ began.

#7. The doctor said I needed a ________ of rest and relaxation, so I’m taking two months’ unpaid leave.

#8. During the 1990s I lived in Kungrad for a ________.

#9. Do you want this book for a ________.

#10. I expected you to be late, the trains in this city are never on ________.