Unit 3 - Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 1 Choose a word from the box to complete each of the sentences below. You do not need all of the words.

#1. The opposite of deep is ______.

#2. The opposite of wide is ______.

#3. The local council plans to ______ the road because of the large volume of rush-hour traffic.

#4. We want to ______.the ceiling – it’s too high.

#5. The ______ of the fence is over two metres, so that no one can see over it.

#6. The length of the swimming pool is forty metres and the ______ is fifteen.

#7. The ______ of the water is three metres.

#8. If we take the road along the river, it will ______ the journey by about twenty miles, and we’ll save a lot of time.

#9. They say that travel will ______ your mind.

#10. The Art store on Kalinin Street has a ______ range of woodwork tools.