Unit 4 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 2 Fill in the blanks with a correct form of Past Continuous. How did it happen?

#1. How did Marat burn himself? (iron his clothes)

#2. How did Elena cut herself? (slice onions)

#3. How did Jannat meet her husband? (fix a flat tire)

#4. How did Mirbek break his arm? (skate)

#5. How did you lose your wallet? (ride my bicycle)

#6. How did Jamal meet his wife? (swim at the beach)

#7. How did Bobur get a black eye? (fight with his brother)

#8. How did her children burn themselves? (make breakfast)

#9. How did Mirigul fall? (dance)

#10. What’s the matter with your foot? How did you fall? (ice-skating)