Unit 5 - Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 2 Choose the correct word or phrase.

#1. The ____ blew the whistle and the most important football match I’ve ever played began.

#2. We used to play rugby in the winter term, football in the spring term, and we’d do ____ and swimming in the summer term.

#3. Do you fancy a ____ of cards?

#4. I only do magic tricks for fun. I’ve never thought of becoming _____ magician.

#5. The play was so boring, we walked out during ____.

#6. The Aral ____ 3-3 with Namangan in the match last Saturday.

#7. _______ who watched last week’s programme will remember we were looking at the history of baseball.

#8. We got through to the _____, but then lost to Paxtakor.

#9. Most people prefer films which have a happy ______.

#10. Would all _____ please make their way to the starting line?