Unit 6 - Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1 Put each verb in brackets into the most appropriate perfect or past verb form.

#1. So far we ___ (not/notice) anything unusual, but we ___ (not/pay) very close attention.

#2. I’m sorry I ___ (not/come) to grammar club lately.

#3. He ___ (work) late in the evenings for the past fortnight.

#4. Begis ___ (get) that new job, but he ___ (complain) about it ever since.

#5. Here is the news. The Home Office ___ (announce) that the two prisoners who ___ (escape) from the prison earlier this morning ___ (give themselves up) to local police.

#6. ___ (you/make up) your minds? What ___ (you/decide) to do?

#7. Umid ___ (leave) home rather suddenly and we ___ (not/hear) from him since.

#8. Recent research ___ (show) that Columbus ___ (not/discover) America, but that Vikings ___ (land) there five hundred years before him.

#9. I think that people ___ (become) tired of the poor quality of television programmes, though they ___ (improve) lately.

#10. ___ (something/happen) to the phonelines? I ___ (try) to get through to London for the past hour.