Unit 9 - Review

Exercise 2 Combine the following sentences by using “After/Before”.

#1. My sister took her umbrella. She went out to the stadium.

#2. Mamanbiy called me. I went to the train station.

#3. I washed the dishes. I prepared materials for my presentation.

#4. She had a hot shower earlier. She had lunch.

#5. The boys bought a bouquet of flowers. They congratulated their teacher.

#6. My mother made our traditional dish. The guests came.

#7. Aydarbek watered the ground behind the house. He polished the doors.

#8. I got dressed in black. I went to have a walk around the town to see the ceremony.

#9. The children ran away. They broke the window of the old building.

#10. He fastened his seat belt. The plane took off.